Conceptual Re-Brand
Rhode Island School of Design 
After observing the branding style and merchandise Artechouse put out, I observed that the color palette it used only engages the binary of black and white. I felt that there was a big missed potential here of using the immersive world of color to communicate how dynamic and unique their experiences are. 

Specifically focusing this project around their exhibition ‘Subhaze’ and directly drawing color references from it, the project aims to create a new identity.


The objective of these motion posters is to accentuate the variable nature, as well as the dependancy of code as a driver to create art in the space. Additionally the variability aims to convey to the audience that their experiences will be one of a kind and different from one another.

The system was then expanded to cover other ephemera like - business cards for the museum, t-shirt designs, tote bags etc. The concept with all of these items was that the color and composition would vary. For example different administrative positions in the space will have a signifying color, one could get multiple options of t-shirt design or totes that would be completely unique. This was done in order to create a generative system that is cohesive.