What is the Project?

At the core of many thriving law firms, fueling their success, lies Elite – a catalyst for business acceleration. Specializing in pioneering digital financial solutions tailored for law firms, Elite brings a wealth of expertise in optimizing business operations. Elite tasked us with crafting an identity that strategically situates them at the center, providing clients with a comprehensive 360-degree capability for seamless information processing. The solution was a logo, that functions as an ambigram,
and a system that flexes itself and brings you to the focus.


Agency: Interbrand
Creative Director: Mike Knaggs
Designers: Sukanya Bose & Malvika Agarwal

My role

In the project, my responsibilities included ideation for the logo, conceptualizing the visual representation of a "360-degree" identity, and crafting a cohesive system to narrate the brand story. The objective was to craft a design that embodies a sense of sophistication through its clean, precise, and conceptually-driven elements.