What is the Project?

Embark on boundless adventures with Mondee, a comprehensive platform crafted for confident bookings. Mondee required a brand refresh to authentically portray a seamless travel experience, ensuring customers feel they can travel with ease to all the best and recommended local spots.  The inspiration behind the new identity draws from the intricate patterns and symbolism found in flight paths. This influence is  woven into both the distinctive wordmark and a graphic element representing the trajectory of travel. Together, these elements not only convey the brand's identity but also aim to evoke a sense of adventure.


Agency: Interbrand
Executive Creative Director: Chris Campbell
Creative Director: Franziska Stetter
Designers: Naomie Ross, Damini Agarwal, & Malvika Agarwal

My role

In the project, I played a pivotal role in actualizing the narrative by contributing to the visual conception, creation, and curation of diverse touchpoints. This encompassed tasks ranging from crafting the logo, selecting typography, defining color schemes, to shaping layouts, and more.