What is the Project?

Navigating towards financial confidence and a more successful life, Voya Financial provides tailored solutions and advanced technologies to workplace and institutional clients. Our goal is to help individuals become well-planned, well-invested, and well-protected. Voya reached out to refresh their brand and align it more closely with the contemporary digital landscape. Through a meticulous process, we strategically identified key elements from the existing identity and developed an updated system that pays homage to its predecessor.


Agency: Interbrand
Executive Creative Director: Mike Knaggs
Designers: Liora Cher, Bradley Metoyer, & Malvika Agarwal

My role

Within the project, I played an integral role in bringing the strategy to life through active contributions to the visual design. This involved tasks such as establishing graphic elements and their rules, refreshing typography, expanding on color
schemes, and shaping layouts.