The following is a collection of work done in order to understand my role as a designer and better serve the complex South Asian narratives

The Permanence of Transience

Step into the realm of liminal spaces and discover the lasting impact they have on individual identity. Through the lens of designers from the South Asian diaspora, this study dives into how occupying these transient yet permanent states informs the creation of subcultures and shapes culture through design. As design aims to enhance the human experience, this investigation into identity and liminal spaces promises to reveal how they become the catalyst for artistic breakthroughs.

A study on the intersection of design, culture, and identity.

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Ship of Theseus

I am a hybrid of two places, occupying both simultaneously. It's not about Me and Them, or the Self and Other, but rather the Otherness of the Self that defines me. I continue to carve out my own space in this everchanging plane.

A personal account on the changing cultural landscapes of India through understanding my own identity as an immigrant.

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Indian Design

A contemporary outlook post colonialism

This piece offers a contemporary outlook on the complexities of India's history and its impact on the nation's identity. With a focus on design, I delve into the unique challenges faced by those straddling the divide between tradition and modernity. This insightful reflection on personal experiences promises to challenge your perceptions and offer a deeper understanding of the role of design in shaping a new India.

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A hybrid cycle: A relationship between South Asia and the West through the role of Fasion & interiors

Fashion is more than just a way to express individuality - it shapes cultural tastes and speaks for groups in society, crossing economic boundaries to become a universal language. The influence of globalization, including the arrival of the East India Company in India, has resulted in the creation of unique cultural hybrids seen in today's society. This paper explores the creation of a new language for European natives through textiles, investigating the opening of the market and the appropriation of Chintz. Discover how the East India Company created a third space, shaping the popular "Indo-Western" styles we see today in India.

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